Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Welcome to the Becoming Human Podcast

The Becoming Human Podcast is an exploration of how we think, why we think the way we do, and how we can learn to think clearly and rationally, without resorting to superstition, supernatural, or paranormal explanations. The premise of "Becoming Human" is that we are not fully human until we begin to think clearly and rationally. We humans have a natural way of thinking that is self-centered, emotional, and self-preserving, resulting from millions of years of evolution. However, we also have a unique ability (we think) to change the way we think. When we have mastered that method of thinking, we are on the way to becoming human. Becoming human does not mean we become like the emotionless Spock from the Star Trek television series; it means we employ reason, logic, skepticism, and scientific-like analysis wherever is is appropriate, while retaining our emotional and non-rational modes of thinking for situations that call for it. If all people could learn the methods of clear, rational thinking, then I believe the world will be less violent and the problems we face will be more manageable.


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